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Governance Structure

National Reference Committee

The role of the National Reference Committee is to maximise sharing of information and engagement with partner organisations (including other researchers, service providers, government, and community stakeholders) in the National Australian Hepatitis C Point-of-Care Testing Program.

The National Reference Committee is comprised of representatives from organisation in following fields:

  • community-based organisations
  • service providers/investigator sites
  • pathology services
  • industry representatives
  • state departments of health

National Implementation Committee

The role of the National Implementation Committee is to guide and set the framework with the educational and operational training material, analytical quality, and best practice implementation of point-of-care testing in the National Australian Hepatitis C Point-of-Care Program. The aim is to develop a high quality, safe and sustainable quality framework for point-of-care testing in non-traditional settings, in order to enhance and scale-up HCV testing and treatment in Australia.

Membership consists of representatives from the following organisations:

  • Kirby Institute, University NSW
  • International Centre for Point-of-Care Testing, Flinders University
  • St Vincent’s Hospital
  • The Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM)
  • community-based organisations
  • service providers/investigator sites.

Aboriginal Governance Group

The role of the Aboriginal Goverance Group is to provide guidance and direction over the proposed research focusing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples including research design, ownership of data, data interpretation, ethics, and cultural issues specific to the conduct of research and publication of research findings. The Aboriginal Governance Group includes representation from health workers and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community organisations. The Aboriginal Governance Group has >50% of its membership consisting of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The group will meet with researchers every six months for the duration of the project.

Clinical Advisory Group

The purpose of the Clinical Advisory Group is to provide a multi-disciplinary group to inform and support the clinical supervision of the National Australian Hepatitis C Point-of-Care Program in line with best practice.

The Clinical Advisory Group will:

  • Inform and support the strategic directions of the National Australian Hepatitis C Point-of-Care Testing Program
  • Liaise and work directly with local, state, and national public health units to provide advice, information, and guidance on clinical supervision within a cultural safety framework
  • Provide advice and guidance to local health services performing HCV testing, in planning for and delivery of clinical supervision support activity within their local clinical catchment area.

Determine, undertake, and promote activities that enable the development of a sustainable clinical supervision, including but not limited to:

  • The relationship of supervision to the standards relating to professional practice of HCV point-of-care-testing
  • Innovative models for, and approaches to, clinical supervision
  • The integration and coordination of support for clinical supervision across professions/disciplines, and training settings.

Oversight of occurrence investigations and implementation of resolution processes and providing firm direction to health services in relation to issues around non-compliance with/and deviations from standard operating procedures.